Clare Twomey

Research Profile

Artist Profile


The research I am undertaking at Plymouth Museum and Art Gallery is based on the William Cookworthy Plymouth porcelain. It is the central focus of the response I am making to the collections and site. The main aim of my permanent work is to create links between the historic collection and contemporary collections within the community of Plymouth district, forming a new collection of porcelain objects that come from Plymouth and representing its continuum of collections in the everyday lives of the people of Plymouth.

The notion of collections and actively involved communities builds on my work and research in 2010 at the Nelson Atkins Museum in the USA where my contemporary installation created shared interests, interactions and dialogues with this historic and new objects created in the museum. Building on this research I will now focus on a permanent work for Plymouth Museum that has the foundation of community in its authorship and activity, and as its ongoing dialogue through the use of the museum cases and objects placed within them.

Through this permanent work for the Plymouth Museum I would like to draw on the Museum community and encourage new audiences in authorship of the art work’s identity; what it means to look into our homes to understand time and value amongst objects.