Sue Goldschmidt



Sue Goldschmidt was born and grew up in Melbourne, but now lives and works in London.  She holds a BA Hons from Manchester University in English, Hebrew and American Literature, as well as a BA Hons (first class) in Ceramics from Westminster University.  She is currently working on her PhD in the School of Media, Art and Design at Westminster University.  Sue makes ceramic installation that merges autobiography with contemporary and ancient narratives, assembling and reassembling pieces into different tableaux.  Prevalent themes include clothing as a metaphor for human experience, the absent presence, narration and anachronistic juxtaposition.  She has exhibited extensively throughout the UK, including the Menier Gallery, CAA, Cupola Contemporary Art, DKNY London, North Cloisters UCL, 20/21 Visual Art Centre,  Ludlow Assembly Rooms and Christie’s.


Sue’s research investigates connections between ceramic objects and text through the study of Aramaic incantation bowls from 5th – 7th century AD Babylonia, exploring their meaning and relevance to contemporary ceramic art practice.   Aramaic incantation bowls are ceramic bowls covered in magic inscriptions and demonic figure illustrations, spanning Sassanid and Islamic periods.   Found buried upside down in the floors and courtyards of Babylonian homes, they were fundamentally concerned with the protection of occupants, invoking a plethora of supernatural beings from across cultures.  Each was made for a specific recipient, usually named, and features formulaic spells for the wellbeing of clients and banishment of demons.  Why is dialogue with ancient objects such as these important to contemporary artists? How can that dialogue contribute to an understanding of these objects?   Sue’s research focuses on this interactive dialogue between the past and present and involves synthesising ideas from across various disciplines, including ceramic art practice, critical theory, archaeology and Jewish history.

REcent Exhibitions

  • 2017 Between Here and Then, The Project Space, Westminster University, London.
  • 2015 In Process, London gallery West, Westminster University, London.
  • 2013 Northern Lights, Harrow Arts Centre, Harrow.
  • 2012 Tradition and Innovation: Five Decades of Harrow Ceramics, CAA, London.


  • 2012 Ben Uri International Jewish Artist of the Year Award  (finalist).
  • 2007 Ben Uri International Jewish Artist of the Year Award  (finalist).
  • 2005 DKNY New Artists and Innovators Award.